About IBM Pakistan

International Business Management (IBM) was established in 1993, serving the customers/importers of paper & paper board with dynamism. IBM is the first ISO 9001-2015 certified paper indenting house in Pakistan.

This indenting house consists of experienced, devoted and capable staff for the benefits of its esteemed customers as well as for the success of the company.

In the age of modern technology, prompt delivery & better quality at cheaper price is the supreme consideration.  IBM is providing friendly working environment by rewarding employees on the good performance & creating opportunities for promotions which leads to better services to our customer and Principals.

IBM also initiates and promotes association government institution. IBM is not only supporting the quality Assessment / Evaluation of various kinds of paper and paper board, packaging material in Pakistan but also equally contribute in publishing of research work with the collaboration of Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). It is an honor for us that IBM President Muhammad Saleem Bikiya has been nominated as Director of PCSIR, from the private sector.

IBM basic objective is to establish awareness to build an image in the minds of the customers as a professional company, who is devoted to its customers and provides Hygienic world’s best paper and board. The basic aim of the IBM is to give awareness of paper & paperboard and to provide Hygienic high quality paper products to the students, printing and packaging industry and general public.  IBM is the market leader in the paper trade by introduces many international brands in Pakistan.

IBM have honor to achieve Gold partner award from our Principal (SINAR MAS GROUP)

IBM President has honored as businessmen of the year award from Prime Minister of Pakistan in three consecutive years i.e. 2007, 2008 and 2009.

IBM has won the brand ICON award in 2010 and our products achieve Brand of the year award in 2010 & 2012.

IBM has won the 2017 APP GOLD PARTNERS best overall performance award.